Jane Goodall Teaches Conservation

Jane Goodall – A Compassionate Bridge Between Wildlife and Modern Humanity

5 Takeaways from Her Masterclass On Conservation

Jane Goodall’s installment on Masterclass.com is really a video autobiography delivered by a selfless ambassador of the natural world to the increasingly encroaching modern one. She is a selfless sojourner who from a lifetime of connection with wildlife and living in natural ecosystems can tell us as much about their hidden secrets as she can about human psychology, diplomacy in action, and how to effect positive change in conservation. It would be well worth your (and the entire planet’s) while to take the whole course, but hopefully these insights will get you onboard for more.

Here are 5 takeaways from the course:

Science Without Emotion Is Misguided

Mother Chimpanzee and Baby

The hang-up about science being “muddled” by an emotional mind is an off-kilter damaging approach to analysis. “Pure” logic completely detached from sympathetic imagination, compassion, empathy and spiritual connection can not only be destructive, but it also leads to false conclusions. The upshot is that BOTH the heart and the mind must work together and not interfere with, but listen to the other, in order for science to work as a positive force for humans, animals and earth at large.

Seasonal Living Has Been Overrun

Picking Local Fruit

Exotic foods from all over the world are now at the fingertips of the middle and upper classes around the world… at the great expense of fossil fuel transportation and infrastructure overload as well as the exploitation of local labor. A return to LIVING LOCALLY supports micro-economies and robust sustainability, as well as making things “exotic” true treasures that should be valued as such, not taken for granted.

“Think Globally, Act Locally”… WRONG!

Local Burmese Women Chatting

This popular adage creates despair and can be very demotivating. By focusing on local issues and initiatives, battles can be won! Pragmatism thrives and can exponentially multiply after the first couple of victories. You can take huge steps towards helping in conservation and sustainability by focusing on what you can do in your kitchen, backyard, school district and local economy. Get creative!

Do Not Confront – Tell Stories

Storytelling Can Be Convincing

Perhaps throwing animal blood on people wearing fur coats is not the best strategy after all! In all seriousness, stop being so serious, it freezes people up into a defensive mode. Instead, have a sense of humor, find something to discuss where you can laugh together. Tell stories which people can relate to from the heart. But don’t compromise your values. The issues are serious, but your approach doesn’t have to be, and probably won’t work if it is.

World Music Samples from Loopmasters.com

Conservation Will Only Work With Partnerships

Workers installing irrigation

Hey, see all those evil people destroying what you believe to be sacred. Guess what? Those are the people you need to draw in as your partners to work together. They need to be shown a way out that brings them some beneficial alternative. Jane successfully executed this form of diplomatic mastery numerous times on multiple continents. You should check out the full edition of her Masterclass to hear all the details, which really can’t be told by anyone other than herself with the same authentic compassion and resolve that is the calm and driving fortitude of Jane Goodall.

You can watch the full course on MasterClass.com and also dive right in and help out with one of Jane’s organizations here:

If you are a musical artist, designer, or business who wants to sponsor a project, contact reflex@newdynamik.com to get on board with one of our upcoming compilation albums that will help support the environment as well as everyone involved.

Featured Photo Of Jane Goodall taken by Festival della Scienza released under the CC 2.0 license.

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