Music for Trees - Dryad Compilation Album

Music for Trees

Dryad Compilation Album Now Accepting Submissions

Reflex Rocks is now taking submissions from musical artists and producers for tracks to appear on the Dryad compilation album which will support the conservation of trees and reforestation.

Submissions can be pre-existing tracks, demo tracks or portfolios. If an artist is accepted either they will have an already completed track appear on the album or will agree to produce a new track for the album.

The theme of the album will be trees, forests, tree spirits, the spirit of trees, sylvania etc. We are looking for rock, metal, folk, and electronic music but are open to anything. Profits will support the 8 Billion Trees foundation as well as Reflex Rocks and the contributing artists.

Please submit by either joining the roster, emailing us at reflex@newdynamik.com or DMing us at our @reflexrocks handle on twitter.

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